China News Service, July 4th. According to the official Weibo news of the Public Security Bureau of Bijie City, Guizhou Province, in recent days, the Weining County Public Security Bureau's online Related personnel are investigated and dealt with according to law.

  It was found by the public security organs: On June 20, 2020, there was an unclear sound in the back hill of the west side of the village committee of Jianqiang Village, Xiushui Town, Weining Yi and Miao Autonomous County, which caused widespread concern and heated discussion among netizens. Later, Weining County invited experts to carry out investigation and identification, and could initially determine that the unidentified sound was caused by the yellow-legged three-toed quail.

  Netizens Liu Moujiang, Hu Moujiang, Chen Moudan, Zhang Mou and others sought to attract attention and improve personal network visibility, adding horror sound effects such as so-called "tiger call" and "wolf howl" to the video of the incident, along with "Xiushui" Ghost calls, "Listening to ghosts calling black dead people," "Don't dare to listen to me when I call them," and other texts spread on the Internet platform, confusing audiovisual and misleading the masses, and causing extremely bad influence in society.

  At present, the illegal persons Liu Moujiang, Hu Moujiang, Chen Moudan, Zhang Mou and others have been investigated and dealt with by public security organs according to law. Among them, Hu Moujiang, Liu Moujiang and Zhang Mou have been found to have violated the law, and Hu Moujiang and Liu Jiang was punished by public security organs for administrative detention on the 6th and 10th respectively. Zhang was slightly given education and admonishment due to the circumstances. The violations of the rest of the personnel are being further checked.

  The public security organ reminded: The network is not an extra-legal place, and malicious rumor is not desirable. The majority of netizens are asked to surf the web civilizedly and in accordance with the law, do not believe rumors or rumors, abide by laws and regulations, and jointly maintain a clean space for the network.

Screenshot of the official Weibo of the Public Security Bureau of Bijie City, Guizhou Province