AOA member Gwon Min-a, who was bullied by a member of the AOA and dropped out of the group, said that AOA-born actress Kwon Min-a, who was shocking about her extreme attempts, asked Jimin to apologize.

Kwon Min-a, who claimed to have been harassed by a member of the AOA, posted several posts through her SNS on the 3rd and posted a photo of her own scar on her wrist.

Kwon Min-a complained, "It's a novel that is too scary to be a novel. It's softened after three or four treatments for my sister's scars, but I can't remember her.

In the meantime, Kwon Min-a revealed the name of the member who bothered herself with'Jimin'. Kwon Min-a said, "Jimin, sister, I'm law? What suit? I don't have money. I can't do it. I don't need anything. I don't want to do it. "I think it's enough to say a heartfelt apology," he said.

He added, "I've been doing too well for my annoyed sister. It's a pain that I open my eyes every day. But I have to feed my house. Please apologize and apologize.

On this day, Kwon Min-a was bullied by a member for 10 years at the time of AOA activity through her SNS, and claimed that the member was in the background of leaving the group. Because of the member, he often didn't see his father, who was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, and even said he had made extreme attempts. Kwon Min-a appealed, "Thanks for my sister, I eat dozens of pills every day, and my left wrist is so scary that it makes me nervous. But I have to live because I see my mom. I have to make money. did.

Kwon Min-ah explained that the member was'an older sister who received a father's award' recently, and predicted AOA member Jimin. When Kwon Min-a's revelation became an issue, Jimin detoured Kwon's claim by leaving a word "novel" on her SNS. However, Jimin soon deleted the article.

Then again SNS know Kwon Min "talked one in one trillion or more. Try a novel called her sister received one thousand. Do not do that. The witnesses and the evidence is there," said atda sarcastically called "the end of the novel when there is a sister of conscience."

(SBS funE Reporter Sunae Kang)