Today (3rd), the weather in the central and southern regions was very different.

Seoul was warm with the sun shining through the clouds, but as you can see in the southern region, it is still raining around the coast of Jeonnam and some parts of Yeongnam, and this rain will continue a little further until dawn tomorrow.

In the meantime, it will rain up to 40mm in Jeju Island and up to 20mm in other southern regions.

Also, from this evening, there will be heavy showers in the metropolitan area and Yeongseo.

Be prepared for sudden rain.

It will be fine to work tomorrow on the weekend.

Seoul's daytime temperature will be similar to today's, but Gwangju will be 27 degrees and 5 degrees higher than today.

Tomorrow, the clouds will only pass in the sky across the country, and there will be showers in Yeongnam.

The morning temperature will depart 20 degrees below Seoul today, and the highest daytime temperature is expected to be 29 degrees in Seoul, 23 degrees in Ulsan, and 24 degrees in Busan.

It will start raining on Jeonnam and Jeju Island from Sunday, and it will continue for quite some time as it rains across the country from Tuesday.

(Nam Eugene Weather Caster)