The reporter from China News Service, July 3, was informed that the National Song Collection, the National Youth League Central Committee, and the China Music Association jointly sponsored the "Song in My Heart" - a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Event poster. Photo courtesy of the event

  The lyrics solicitation activity is composed of three stages: work collection and online display, work review, and media-wide publicity and display. The first stage of works collection and online display period is from July 1 to October 30. Users can log in to the NetEase Cloud Music App to search for "song in heart", click on the collection activity page to learn about the detailed collection requirements and submission of works aisle.

  Entering the judging stage in November, the organizer will use online work promotion, online voting, expert review, public review and other forms according to the quantity and quality of work submissions, follow the principle of the judges’ avoidance system, and conduct rigorous and fair selection in three rounds .

  The 100 selected national best lyrics works will be awarded the commemorative certificate and related creative incentives by the organizer in December.

  In addition, this batch of works will also use "100 people and 100 people's recitation" as the main form of publicity. The organizer will invite representatives from all walks of life across the country to display the entire network online to achieve "lyricized and audiovisual lyrics", and at the same time to the national composers Recommend music. (Finish)