[Commentary] Shen Jilan died in June in midsummer. In Xigou Village, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province, where she has spent her entire life, the "Jilan Spirit" is continuing.

  "Sentiment the red Xigou, inherit the spirit of model workers", "Jilan Beverage", "Xigou Shenjilan Theme Post Office"... When you enter Xigou Village, slogans and logos about the "Jilan Spirit" element can be seen everywhere. From "after 40" to "after 90", when talking about "Jilan spirit", you have to start with "eating half a bowl of rice".

  [Same period] Yu Wenjie, member of the Party Committee of Xigou Township, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province

  At dinner, a comrade left half a bowl of rice, and she trained him very severely, very severely. She said how difficult our food was at that time. Director Shen’s bowl, no matter how much he eats, is absolutely clean after eating. I am used to the same now, how much to eat and how much to eat, there is absolutely no drop in the bowl.

  [Commentary] Shen Jilan's habit of loving food is well known. "Post-80s" Yu Wenjie recalled that Shen Jilan knew that it was not easy for farmers to grow land. She loved food all her life and never left food leftovers. Her behavior affected many people.

  In the past, Xigou Village has barren hills and bald mountains, with thick stones and thin soil. Shen Jilan led the villagers to plant trees and forests, fight dams and reclaim land, and fight against nature. Zhang Xianghe, born in 1949, called Shen Jilan "aunt." "Love labor" is his deepest impression of Shen Jilan.

  [Same period] Zhang Xianghe, a villager in Xigou Village, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province

  She took the lead with tools and seeds, and brought dry food to plant trees in the mountains at noon. Because he went too far to the mountains and came back to eat at noon, it was a delay, so he brought dry food. She is always working hard, doing practical things for the people, and always maintaining the character of a farmer.

  【Explanation】Before, the village of Xigou had been drought for ten years, and the villagers depended on the sky to eat water. Under the leadership of Shen Jilan, a local well with a depth of more than 600 meters was drilled to solve the draught problem of the villagers. After "70" Chang Yonghong recalled that Shen Jilan often gathered with villagers to share labor experience.

  [Same period] Chang Yonghong, a villager in Xigou Village, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province

  The "Jilan spirit" that I understand is to be able to endure hardships and suffer losses, and work hard down to earth.

  [Explanation] Introduce e-commerce, shut down polluting enterprises, and develop "red", "green", and "color" Xigou... Although Xigou Village is located in a remote place, the pace of development is advancing with the times. In 2013, a mushroom greenhouse was built in Xigou Village to solve the employment problem. Shen Jilan invited technical experts from Henan to guide farmers to make mushroom sticks and build a greenhouse. Wang Genkao, who has done most of the farming work for 50 years, said that in addition to corn, mushrooms can grow in the ground of Xigou.

  [Same period] Wang Genkao, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch of Xigou Village, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province

  She often tells people that after suffering first and enjoying the last, as a leading cadre, she should not think of herself, but everyone. How can everyone get rich, so she always thought about the masses.

  [Commentary] Wang Ruixia, the interpreter of Xigou Exhibition Hall of the "Post-90s", and "Grandma Shen" have known each other for 3 years. In her view, "Jilan Spirit" is indifferent to fame and fortune, selfless dedication.

  [Same period] Wang Ruixia, an instructor at Xigou Exhibition Hall in Pingshun County, Shanxi Province

  She has to help if there is anything wrong with the neighbor's house. Whether it is raining (or other reasons), she has to go in person, and the work efficiency is particularly high. Such a person.

  [Commentary] Shen Jilan, who took root in the countryside all his life, did not change his mind at first, and wrote "Jilan Spirit" in one sentence and one line. Nowadays, the "Jilan spirit" of diligence, down-to-earth, down-to-earth, hard work, and advancing with the times have been integrated into the Xigou culture and become a spiritual symbol.

  Reporter Wang Huilin Fan Lifang Shanxi Changzhi reports

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