Notre Dame Cathedral on June 8. - THIBAULT CAMUS / AP / SIPA

"I have every reason to hope, to believe that this dismantling will be finished at the latest at the end of September". This was indicated on Thursday by General Jean-Louis Georgelin, the “Monsieur reconstruction Notre-Dame”, about the work to remove this structure which had withstood the collapse of the cathedral spire on April 15, 2019.

This dismantling conditions the possibility of starting the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris and the reopening of the cathedral to the general public within the deadlines set for April 2024.

The video of the hearing of General Jean-Louis #Georgelin is by the fact-finding mission to monitor the application of the law #NotreDame is available here: pic.twitter. com / 4yDAgRoQaF

- Cultural Affairs Committee (@AN_AfCult) July 2, 2020

The dismantling of this scaffolding began on June 8. "You cannot have more than four rope access technicians simultaneously" who cut the metal bars with your saber saws, while "four other people are watching" this delicate operation he described, specifying that it was "slow" work.

If the reopening in April 2024 to worship and tourists, only five years after the fire, is not questioned, for Jean-Louis Georgelin this deadline does not mean "the end of the construction site for the surrounding area".

He also indicated that the start of clearing of the vaults had shown that they appeared "fairly solid and in good condition". "We will launch in the coming days the important operation of internal consolidation of the vaults by scaffolding and bending", he added, adding that "a first campaign of complete cleaning of the floors must begin during the course of the summer, which will lower the lead level and facilitate future working conditions. ”

And to try to reassure: "The cathedral no longer emits lead to the outside, and no abnormal blood lead levels were found among the companions".

The erection of the scaffolding for the removal of the large organ of 8,000 pipes will also begin soon. This operation will take place in the fall.

A meeting of the National Heritage and Architecture Commission (CNPA) which will bring together elected officials, experts and the site's architects, whose opinions are purely advisory, is to take place on July 9. This consultation will be done on the “basis of studies of restorations carried out by the project manager: a voluminous work which will present reflections on what could be the restoration”, explained Jean-Louis Georgelin


Notre-Dame de Paris: This is what dismantling the scaffolding looks like


Notre-Dame de Paris: Beginning Monday of the dismantling of the scaffolding

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