Fei Changzhun has just released news that the Mongolian Airlines OM302 Seoul-Ulaanbaatar flight is suspected of a single flight failure, with a 7700 code, and it has landed safely at Capital Airport.

  According to the radar chart of the route, the flight circled over Bazhou before the landing. At 13:20, the flight landed at Capital Airport T3 and was scheduled to take off again at 14:11.

  According to the re-entry observation published by Weibo, the aircraft did not use full flaps, and the engine on the left did not have a wake, proving that the left engine should be in a stopped state. The specific reason is unknown.

  The aircraft encountered an engine failure during flight and could not provide thrust normally. Single-shot failure is a must-have for simulator training, and there are sufficient backup and landing fields nearby, without much worry.

  What is the 7700 code? The transponder code "7700" indicates that the pilot encountered a special emergency during the flight. When the captain adjusts to this code, the aircraft will be individually identified on the air traffic control screen.

  Reporter Pan Fuda