China News Service, Guiyang, July 2 (Shi Xiaojie) Regarding the recent phenomenon of "strange sound" spreading deep in the mountain of Xiushui Town, Weining County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, the Propaganda Department of the Weining County Committee issued a response on July 2 stating that "strange sound" Phenomenon has nothing to do with earthquakes. Some of the online video "Dragon Barking", "Tiger Barking" and "Wolf Barking" were created by netizens. After preliminary investigation, no obvious geological activities have been found in the vicinity of unknown sound sources, and no obvious precursors of earthquakes.

  The official website of the Guizhou Seismological Bureau stated that after the “strange noise” phenomenon occurred in Xiushui Town, Weining Yi and Hui Miao Autonomous County, the Weining County Earthquake Disaster Reduction Bureau sent experts to the site to investigate the “strange noise” site in Xiushui Town and ruled out that the phenomenon was related to the earthquake. Experts reminded that recent continuous rainfall in the surrounding areas requires the prevention of possible geological hazards such as landslides and collapses.

  At present, the investigation of unknown sound sources is in progress. The official urged the majority of netizens not to spread rumors, believe in rumors, or spread rumors. (Finish)