While the famous youtuber Song Dae-ik is getting hit by a manipulation broadcast, the fire splatter bounced on his girlfriend and YouTuber Lee Min-young. Lee Min-young said that he had nothing to do with the rigging case, and said he would respond hard to the evil.

Lee Min-young apologized through her SNS on the 2nd and said, "I would like to apologize to those who would have been greatly disappointed with this. I would like to tell you from the conclusion that it happened without any notice in advance and that I have nothing to do with this." I emphasized.

Lee Min-young insisted that while his boyfriend Song Dae-ik was broadcasting the problem, he was insane to clean up the clothes in the house, and because he usually liked chicken, he reacted naturally to his boyfriend's broadcast and insisted only on his face for a moment. Lee Min-young said, "Looking back and forth (my),'Lee Min-young has forgotten the chicken pizza.' There is no such thing and there is no evidence at all.

Lee Min-young said, "This misunderstanding caused me and my parents to suffer from personal attacks and speculative criticism in various communities. Not only that, but also my friends talked to my parents through phone calls and texts and went to social media. Malicious DM, I'm suffering from leaving a comment."

He said, "As I suffered a lot of mental damage, I gathered all the evidence and entered a hard response such as spreading false information, insults, and defamation. Now, it is useless to delete or correct it."

Lee Min-young is a lover of Song Dae-ik, appearing on the boyfriend's broadcast several times and working as a YouTuber. The two's thumb and dating, separation and reunion were vividly transmitted through YouTube.

Song Dae-ik is a famous YouTuber with 1.3 million subscribers. However, the controversy over manipulating broadcasting has recently been overwhelmed.

In the video posted on the 28th of last month, Song Dae-ik delivered chicken and pizza. However, someone seemed to have missed food in the middle, and Song Dae-ik protested to the chicken delivery company by phone. The owner apologized to Song Dae-ik, saying that the delivery man seemed to have skipped food in the middle.

However, it was argued that Song Dae-ik manipulated the broadcast. The company's employees refuted the video comment, and another YouTuber Jeong Bae-woo revealed, "As a result of checking with the company, Song Dae-ik's words were a lie." The pizza/chicken franchise company also warned Song Dae-ik that he would respond legally to Song Dae-ik's broadcast by saying, "I checked the stores nationwide, but confirmed the facts in fact."

When the problem grew, Song Dae-ik admitted that his broadcast was a manipulation on the 1st and apologized himself. He said through YouTube, "This video is entirely directed, and I am very sorry to those concerned with the brand and the store owners who have been damaged by my video," and "I have no excuse to do so because of my greed." Said.

The controversy over the operation broadcasts brought criticism from netizens to Song Dae-ik. In this atmosphere, the arrow of criticism also turned to Song Dae-ik's girlfriend Lee Min-young, who appeared on the show together. In response, Lee Min-young said that the case had nothing to do with him, and Affleck took a strong position to respond legally.

[Photo = Song Dae-ik YouTube broadcast capture, Lee Min-young Instagram]
(SBS funE reporter Sun-ae Kang)