At 6:47 am on July 1, a white-haired old man was knocked down by an electric car next to a bus stop on Xiongshi East Road, Guixi City, Yingtan, Jiangxi Province.

  It was raining at the time, and the old man was soaked, lying on his back on the ground, unable to move. Because the injury was unknown, passers-by did not dare to help.

  In this scene, firefighters at the small fire station in Dongmen Road, Guixi City, who were sent out by the police, saw, "It's important to save people! This rain is too heavy, and the old man can't bear such a shower!" said Zhang Zhixian, deputy director of the fire station. The firemen immediately jumped out of the car and dialed 120 emergency numbers.

  Fortunately, the old man's consciousness is still a bit sober, but because of the inability to determine the old man's injury, the firefighters can only wait for the arrival of 120 emergency vehicles. The rain on the scene was getting bigger and bigger. Firefighter Yang Gaoyong held up an umbrella, squatted on the ground to cover the old man from the rain, and calmed the old man softly.

  Until the ambulance arrived at 120, the firemen carried the elderly to the hospital for treatment.

  Source: Jiangxi Fire All Media Center

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]