The scene took place on June 24 in the evening on the beach of Sillon in Saint-Malo. - National Police School of Saint-Malo

  • A student at the Saint-Malo police academy saved a man from drowning in Saint-Malo.
  • The scene took place on June 24 in the evening on the beach of Sillon.
  • The rescue was complicated by the waves and the fact that the man was alcoholic and did not speak French.

Not yet graduated but already in the deep end. in Saint-Malo, a pupil of the police academy saved a man from drowning. The scene took place on June 24 around 10 p.m. on Sillon beach. When he returned to school after an evening with friends, Ghislain saw a crowd of people on the le Sillon dike. Approaching, the young man of 29 then saw a man in difficulty about 50 meters from the shore.

"I had a wetsuit in my bag because I had bathed before so I did not hesitate to take the plunge," said the student from the police academy, contacted by 20 Minutes . Arrived at the height of the individual, things got tough for Ghislain because the man did not speak a word of French and was especially alcoholic. "He did not realize that he was caught in the eddy and he was struggling," said the young man, who is also a volunteer firefighter.

The rescue made difficult by the waves

Ghislain finally managed to catch him and bring him close to the edge. But the reckless bather made his own by escaping and returning underwater. "He found himself in the surf with the waves that could at any time propel him over the breakwaters and the breakwater," said Ghislain. The future policeman managed to grab the individual again, somehow trying to get him closer to the stairs where a firefighter was.

The maneuver, made difficult by the waves, took a few minutes. But its outcome is happy since the bather was recovered safe and sound. They wanted to congratulate the young student for his act of bravery. Without his intervention, the man trapped by the currents would surely have drowned.


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