Do you want familiar voices and novelty at the same time? Stay informed and get away from it everyday? From July 6 until August 23, our antenna remains mobilized to decipher the news and offer you new meetings. Find out what awaits you.

This summer, the Europe 1 antenna gives pride of place to culture. From July 6 to August 23, as the common thread of your usual meetings, we will offer programs and chronicles around the escape and the discovery of our regions. The editorial staff and the station's voices remain mobilized to decipher the news in the news sections, while welcoming new faces like Pascale Clark in Culture-Medias (9h to 11h) and Philippe Gougler who will be in charge of Et if we left? from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Podcasts are also in the spotlight: from  Mister President  to  Resignation! led by Olivier Duhamel, via Paris Match Stories, you can discover or rediscover some of the productions of Europe 1 Studio every Saturday from 10h to 11h. Between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., Au Coeur de l'Histoire  invites itself on the grid, the opportunity to learn or relearn history with Jean des Cars. Here is the detail of our grid for the summer: 

The week's appointments 

• 6:30 am-9:00am European Morning 1 ,presented by Pierre De Vilno from July 6 to 17, then by François Geffrier from July 20 to 27 and Sébastien Krebs from August 3 to 21

Every day, the morning team accompanies you from 6:30 am to 9 am. You have an appointment with doctor Jimmy Mohamed for a health column (7h19), Marion Sauveur for her cooking ideas in  Le plat du jour  (6h56), and Stéphane Place in  Un livre pour  d' été (7h51), in partnership with the Mollat ​​bookstore. From 8.15 a.m., make way for the political guest, interviewed by the tranche holder. At 8:40 a.m., meet with the various French Tourist Offices for an Initiative in France column   that focuses on good deals nestled in the heart of our regions.

•  9 am-11am Culture-Media , presented by Pascale Clark

Pascale Clark, who is making a comeback on the radio, relays Philippe Vandel all summer Monday to Friday. Accompanied by her columnists and editorial journalists, she decodes the news of the media and receives actors from the cultural world.

•  11 am-12.30pm It feels good, presented by Anne Roumanoff

The best moments of the show to fill up with good humor in the company of Anne Roumanoff, her columnists and their guests.

•  1 pm-2pm La France bouge, presented by Raphaëlle Duchemin and Elisabeth Assayag

The whole team presents the daily dossier daily and the actors and initiatives that make France move. A key meeting where it is a question of innovation, problems related to companies but especially their solutions and young entrepreneurs come to confront the coaches by pitching their project. 

•  2 pm-3pm Hondalette Raconte, presented by Christophe Hondelatte

A selection of his most amazing stories.

•  3 pm-4pm Without appointment, presented by Anne Le Gall until July 31, then by Mélanie Gomez and Jimmy Mohamed in August

From July 6 to 31, Anne Le Gall helps you keep fit and feel good. From August 3 to 21, you will find the best moments of your show with Mélanie Gomez and Jimmy Mohamed who talk about everything, without taboos and in good humor.

•  4 pm-6pm What if we leave? , presented by Philippe Gougler 

Two hours of daily escape with the globetrotter Philippe Gougler who takes you to the end of the world, through his experiences and travel stories, but also in France to discover the treasures of our regions, our heritage and our gastronomy. He is surrounded by Olivier Poels, a voice you know well, by Emmanuelle Jary, journalist specializing in travel and gastronomy, and author of the short format It's better when it's good , by Nathalie Helal who will bring her expertise in history and heritage and Jean-Bernard Carillet from the Lonely Planet guide , author and passionate photographer.

•  6 pm-8pm Your big evening newspaper, presented by Thierry Dagiral from July 6 to 31, then by François Clauss from August 3 to 21

Two hours of news with all of Europe 1's editorial staff and two major current affairs interviews at 6.15 p.m. and 7.15 p.m. At 6.30 p.m., the station's Grand Voices discuss the day's subjects. Cultural news will close this large section of information. 

•  8 pm-10pm Music! The ideal festival, presented by Émilie Mazoyer

Émilie Mazoyer presents the best concerts of French and international artists in  Le festival Idéal . The opportunity to experience or rediscover exceptional moments every day from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

•  10 pm-10.30pm The newspaper of the night, presented by Isabelle Millet then Simon Ruben, Victor Dhollande, Théo Maneval and Sophie Tusseau

•  10.30pm-1am La Libre antenne, Presented from Monday to Thursday by Olivier Delacroix until July 30th then by Sabine Marin from August 3rd to 20th.

In the middle of the night, the listeners confide, in an intimate and warm atmosphere, their questions and doubts to the attentive ears of Olivier Delacroix and Sabine Marin during the week. Sharing experiences whose watchword is benevolence.

Weekend meetings

•  7 am-10am The Morning Weekend, presented by Sébastien Guyot from July 11 to 26, then by Eve Roger

Each weekend, you can travel through France and its regions with our correspondents and journalists who reveal in Une balade en France their tips for traveling in France (7:17 am). Pierre Herbulot offers the dish of the day at 7:56 a.m. and delivers the chefs' techniques and tips for successful summer dishes (grilled meats, ice cream, salads). In My summer in France at 8:16 am, Gwendoline Debono goes to meet those who live in the four corners of the world and passionately love France but cannot go there this summer because of the health crisis. They entrust to his microphone the link so special that they maintain with our country. You will also find your usual meetings with eco chronicles, politics as well as La photo de Paris Match on Saturday and La Une du JDD on Sunday.

•  10 am-11am (Saturday) Podcasts, BY EUROPE 1 STUDIO

•  10 am-11am (Sunday) The great summer talks, by Charles Villeneuve and Michèle Cotta

 Every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. from July 19, a Great Voice from Europe 1 receives a personality from the world of sport, culture and politics in The Great Interviews of Summer . 

•  11 am-12.30pm (Saturday) The table of the good living, presented by Laurent Mariotte 

Laurent Mariotte surrounds himself with bon vivant for a program around everyday cooking. 

•  11 am-12.30pm (Sunday) On a ridewith, presented by Fréderic Taddeï

•  12:30 p.m. - 1 p.m.The midday diary, presented by Hadrien Bect, Émilie Dez then Florence Cohen

30 minutes to tour national, international and sports news followed by an interview with a personality.

•  1 pm-2pm (Saturday) At the Heart of History, presented by Jean des Cars

•  1 pm-2pm (Sunday) Carnets du monde, presented by Sophie Larmoyer

Because the major current affairs and society issues are not perceived in the same way according to countries and cultures, Sophie Larmoyer offers listeners a sound journey rich in encounters around the world with Carnets du Monde. A series of reports on the five continents, guests and columnists, without forgetting the essential Voyage en Autistan by Josef Schovannec. 

•  2 pm-3pm (Saturday) Les Radoteurs, presented by Stéphane De Groodt and Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus

Stéphane de Groodt and Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, the duo with surreal verbal jousting, offers, every Saturday between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., a long version of Les Radoteurs , their leafy pastille with absurd humor.

•  2 pm-3pm (Sunday) La Voix est Livre, presented by Nicolas Carreau

Nicolas Carreau tells, this summer, the works of seven essential authors: from Françoise Sagan, to Victor Hugo via Boris Vian and JRRTolkien.

•  3 pm-4pm There is not only one life in life, presented by Isabelle Morizet

Isabelle Morizet receives a personality every weekend for a one-on-one interview without false modesty. On Saturday, humorists are in the spotlight with in particular the confidences of Kev Adams, Bérangère Krief and Caroline Vigneaux. On Sundays, Isabelle Morizet introduces listeners to a profession, a world, with guests as different as Philippe Starck, Frédéric Malle and Christian Lacroix.

•  6 pm-8pm Your big evening newspaper, presented by Marion Calais

The team is present this summer to talk about the next world, environmental initiatives with guests who make the news. Fabien Lecoeuvre speaks of summer songs, Pierre Herbulot of summer recipes, Victor Dhollande gives his selection of Pocket books and Clément Lesaffre is interested in the games of our holidays. 

•  8 pm-10.30pm Europe 1 Sport, presented by Lionel Rosso 

Every Saturday, Lionel Rosso meets football enthusiasts to live with the Europe 1 correspondents, in stadium duplexes, the highlights of Ligue 1 and the live results. On Sunday, place for the evening poster, preceded and followed by lively debates between consultants of the station and experts.

•  8 pm-10.30pm (Sunday July 12 and 19) Sold Out, produced in partnership with Delight

Two exceptional evenings during which Europe 1 partners with the start-up Delight to celebrate live performance professionals. They produce concerts, direct a theater, an opera, a festival or a Zenith, they pass by the microphone of Sold Out to talk about their journeys, tell how the light will come back on after the crisis and tell some incredible anecdotes . 

•  10.30pm-1am La Libre antenne, presented by Sana Blanger from Friday to Sunday