News from Beijing News (Reporter Wu Tingting) The reporter learned from Capital Airport on July 2 that Mongolian Airlines OM302 is preparing to land at Capital Airport. Earlier, Fei Changzhun released news that Mongolian Airlines OM302 Seoul Incheon-Ulaanbaatar flight suspected that one engine failed, and the 7700 code was issued.

  According to the radar chart of the route, the flight circled over Bazhou before the landing. At 13:20, the flight landed at Capital Airport T3 and was scheduled to take off again at 14:11.

  The reporter learned that the OM302 flight took off and landed at the far plane of the Capital Airport and carried out maintenance. A source analyzed that passengers on the flight did not disembark.

  From the photos provided by netizens, the left engine of the aircraft did not wake up during the flight, proving that the left engine should be in a parked state.

  The reporter learned that the answering machine code "7700" indicates an emergency situation, such as a mechanical failure or a sudden illness on the personnel, but it does not necessarily mean that the aircraft is in a very dangerous state.