The coronavirus has killed nearly 29,900 people in total in France, but the epidemic ebb continues. On the other hand, the balance sheet continues to increase worldwide, with more than 512,000 deaths and daily contaminations on the rise. Follow the situation live.


France and Europe continue their deconfinement when a large part of the rest of the world continues to fight against the pandemic. The countries of the European Union reopened their borders on Wednesday to travelers from 15 countries, while the epidemic ebb is confirmed in France, with an assessment which now approaches 29,900 deaths.

The coronavirus however continues to accelerate on the planet, with more than 512,000 deaths and a record number of daily infections. Follow the situation live

Information to remember: 

  • The coronavirus has killed nearly 30,000 people in France, but the epidemic ebb is confirmed
  • Roselyne Bachelot strongly criticized the management of mask stocks by doctors, Wednesday before the deputies
  • Globally, the pandemic continues to accelerate, with more than 512,000 deaths

Nearly 30,000 dead in France, the epidemic ebb continues

France has 29,861 deaths linked to the coronavirus, according to the last assessment published Wednesday by the authorities. The epidemic ebb is confirmed, however, with a further drop in resuscitation. 582 patients are still in the intensive care unit but the balance remains negative with 20 fewer serious cases. The circulation of the coronavirus remains however "worrying" in Guyana.

In addition, France has, like the rest of the countries of the European Union, reopened its external borders to a list of 15 countries, with China on condition but without the United States, where the pandemic continues to spread.

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Roselyne Bachelot attacks doctors

Roselyne Bachelot did not mince her words against the doctors, Wednesday during her hearing before the commission of inquiry of the National Assembly on the management of the coronavirus crisis. The former Minister of Health castigated the absence of masks and gowns in medical offices before the pandemic. She also criticized "this infantilized country", asking whether to "wait until the prefect or the director of the ARS come with a small cart to bring masks". This sequence, filmed and tweeted by LCP (The parliamentary channel), has been widely shared and commented on social networks. Read the article here .

Martin Hirsch accuses Didier Raoult of false testimony

Statements by Didier Raoult before the deputies of the commission of inquiry on the Covid-19 "seem to amount to a false testimony", accuses the AP-HP. The director of the Paris hospitals Martin Hirsch disputes two passages of the hearing of Pr Didier Raoult by the commission of inquiry on June 24: on the one hand, an estimate of the rates of death of patients in intensive care, and on the other , comments on an 80-year-old Chinese patient hospitalized in Paris at the end of January and who died in mid-February (it was the first death of the Covid-19 officially recorded outside Asia). Read our details here .


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Over 512,000 dead worldwide, worrisome situation in America

The pandemic has killed at least 512,383 people worldwide, according to a report by AFP. The United States totals 127,681 deaths for 2.6 million cases. Next came Brazil (59,594 dead), the United Kingdom (43,906), Italy (34,788) and France (29,861).

The situation is particularly worrying in Latin America and the Caribbean, where the death toll could quadruple by October 1 in the absence of strengthened health measures. In the United States, the city of Los Angeles has banned space restoration for three weeks, while the epidemic appears to be out of control in many states.

WHO pessimism

The World Health Organization has warned that the pandemic continues to accelerate around the world. The number of infections has exceeded 160,000 per day for a week - the worst week in terms of infections since the start of the epidemic, according to WHO. And "60% of all Covid-19 cases so far identified have been reported in the past month," WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday.

"The best way out of this pandemic is to adopt a global approach", he recalled, asking once again to respect the rules of distancing, detect and isolate cases, place their contacts in quarantine and carry a mask when necessary.