In a promotional video released on the occasion of its upcoming reopening, Disney amusement park posted a version of the famous song "Snow White", sung by a man. A way to address the LGBTI community, when Disneyland had to cancel the second edition of its "Magical Pride".

On the occasion of its reopening, Disneyland Paris decided to address the LGBTI community. In a promotional video published Friday to announce the upcoming reopening of its amusement park from July 15, Disneyland shows aerial images of its famous castle, accompanied by the song of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, "One day, my prince will come ", but interpreted by a man. 

The magic is you! ✨ # / TIAAbSbHuq

- Disneyland Paris (@DisneylandParis) June 27, 2020

Disney remains criticized for its lack of inclusiveness 

An original way to address the LGBTI community, when Disneyland was to organize the second edition of its "Magical Pride", on the occasion of Pride Month. But the event had been canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic. 

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The representation of LGBTI people is often a problem at Disney, as recalled by Têtu magazine . Acknowledging a "slight commendable effort at inclusiveness", the media added that "effective representation of queer people is a recurring problem at Disney". And for many, the few gestures made so far, such as a lesbian kiss in the last Star Wars , or the presence of a lesbian character in En avant , have remained too shy.