The number of new infections with the corona virus in the USA has risen to a new record high. These are the figures from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. Accordingly, 52,898 new cases of infection were recorded within 24 hours - the highest number since the spread of the novel virus in the United States.

This makes the United States by far the hardest hit country in the world by the pandemic. According to the university, the total number of infections has now reached 2.682 million. The number of fatalities recorded recently increased by a further 706 within 24 hours, bringing the total to 128,028.

The rate of infections in the United States has increased significantly in recent weeks. The states of Arizona, Texas, Florida and California are particularly affected. The number of new infections there is higher than those in April and May, the high point of the pandemic to date.

Critics attribute this rise to the easing in public life and call it premature. Some governors like Gavin Newsom in California are reversing it. In Los Angeles and numerous other California cities, for example, restaurants have to close their interiors again - just like cinemas, wineries, museums and zoos. The regulation is to last for at least three weeks and affects 19 counties, which together make up more than 70 percent of the state of California.

Michigan also took back easing, Pennsylvania introduced a mask requirement, and Texas governor Doug Ducey called on people to wear masks when they left home and to maintain social distance. Arizona has slowed virus spread before, Ducey said. Now the time had come to do it again.

There are also great concerns in the USA with regard to the Independence Day next Saturday: On July 4, US citizens are drawn to family reunions and picnics, and there are also big fireworks.

US government plans big fireworks in Washington

While Los Angeles had canceled such spectacles again, US President Donald Trump is planning one of the largest fireworks to celebrate independence. He announced this on Twitter. His interior minister David Bernhardt announced "the greatest fireworks in recent memory", 10,000 fireworks are to be ignited. 300,000 masks are to be issued for the event at the National Mall - but the audience should not be required to wear them.

The Mayor of Washington was less than enthusiastic about these plans. Muriel Bowser warned the federal government of the obvious dangers of a large crowd. However, it cannot prohibit it: the event takes place in the federal state.

Trump also renewed his claims that the virus would soon disappear. The economy will recover soon and "the virus will just go away at some point," he told Fox Business. According to his own statements, he does not believe in a national mask requirement. Trump also said he had no problem wearing a mask. "I even had a mask on and I kind of liked what I looked like," he said. "It was a dark, black mask and I thought it looked fine." He looked like Lone Ranger, a fictional character who is known, among other things, from western films - and wears an eye mask.