China, July 1st (Reporter Xu Yin) The urban emotional drama "Don't think too much about me" starring Chen Jianbin and Li Yitong is on the air, so the age difference between the inside and outside of the pair is 20 The partner of the year-old actor group has really attracted the attention of many audiences. "Actually, there is really no pressure to cooperate with teacher Chen Jianbin, and we have collided with each other a lot of improvisation sparks," Li Yitong said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News on the 1st.

Actor Li Yitong. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  It is reported that the TV series "Don't think too much if you love me" tells about the successful entrepreneur Li Honghai played by Chen Jianbin in order to find a pure love, concealing his true identity as the little boss of the bun shop, pursuing the young and beautiful persona played by Li Yitong Designer Xia Keke, and thus produced a series of ridiculous stories. Through a series of emotional stories, the play shows a diverse view of love.

  In the play, Li Honghai and Xia Keke talked about the love between "post-70s" and "post-90s" across age and class. In life, Chen Jianbin and Li Yitong also happened to be "post-70s" and "post-90s". Is there any pressure to play against the "senior senior" Chen Jianbin in the circle and perform such a 20-year-old love difference? Li Yitong admitted frankly, "Mr. Chen Jianbin initially gave me the feeling that the aura is very strong, but in fact he is a slow-heat type. Later, I found him to be very cute and to communicate very well. It was very pleasant during the filming process. Of course, the game There is no pressure on it, because I think I am in the role, not performing all this timidly. You are the character in the moment, the other is Lao Li, and you are Xia Keke."

Actor Li Yitong stills. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  However, Li Yitong said that when he first received the script, he really did not know the relationship between the two opponents. Finally, he learned and deeply read the script and found it particularly interesting. Li Yitong doesn't feel "exaggerated" about such a "forgotten love" character relationship, "because I think drama is originally from life, and such things in life are everywhere."

  Chen Jianbin tried the comedy style in the play, depicting the middle-aged love-loving bridges such as snacks and bold confession, which is quite vivid, which is very different from his previous serious image of deep hearts. And Xia Keco, played by Li Yitong, is particularly eccentric. When it comes to the love concept displayed by the character, Li Yitong said that Xia Keke does have many similarities with himself in life, "because I actually don’t care about what age. Many things, and I think the most important thing for two people is to love each other."

  Talking about the impressive thing about the cooperation with Chen Jianbin, Li Yitong said that there were a lot of improvisation sparks in the process of the play, "Xia Keke's character is kind of careless, and then he was actually very relaxed when shooting. Because Mr. Chen won't put any pressure on me. There was a scene where I took him to my clothing studio, and I tried to tell you things like you are a belly in the bridge section. Because the more At this time, in a relaxed state, the two people may be able to hit some different sparks."

  After playing the role of Nie Qingcheng in the fantasy love drama "Half Demon Allure", Li Yitong has also appeared in many roles with different styles in recent years. The exquisite and intelligent Huang Rong in the martial arts drama "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", the smart and beautiful, tough and independent killer in the inspirational romantic drama "The Unbounded Border", the late and charming, the charming show in the costume drama "He He Hua Ting" is gentle and calm The brave Lu Wenxi, the iceberg beauty Sun Qianxue in the fantasy drama "Sword Dynasty"...Li Yitong once again "upgraded" the traits of the ancient spirits in the new drama "Don’t Think About Me Too Much" Interpretation of Xia Coco's agility and free and easy temperament. Li Yitong bluntly stated that "observing" is a very important step in understanding the "essence" of interpretation. "I have been looking at some documentaries before. I think it's quite good. Because of some documentary things, people's current reactions are the most real. "In addition, I think that just observing life and watching some good movies can bring me different interpretations."

  Talking about whether there is a "transformation" plan, Li Yitong said that he did not deliberately try it, but the interpretation of characters of different types and styles will indeed attract him more. "Perhaps the most want to experience is to play a cool girl. Because in fact, it seems that I haven’t played a cool character image since art. As an actor, the curiosity and freshness, excitement, and mystery that will bring you will make you want to try it very much." Li Yitong said that perhaps the attempt to interpret the fresh characters will also bring a deeper improvement to his performance level, "very looking forward to". (Finish)