Shopping bag charge fee Customer's appearance using bag brought at hotel in Tokyo July 1 16:32

The use of shopping bags started to be charged, and at hotels in Tokyo, there were customers who declined shopping bags and used the bags they brought with them.

Prince Hotels, which operates hotels nationwide, has reduced the cost of plastic shopping bags from ¥1 to ¥3 for all souvenir shops and restaurants that are directly managed from the 1st.

Of these, at a hotel in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, a clerk told a man who purchased a cake that the shopping bag was charged, and the man replied that he would use the bag he brought.

“I don't have a shopping bag, which makes it inconvenient to carry, but I throw it away immediately, so I usually keep a few bags in my bag. I think I will decline the shopping bag in the future,” he said. It was.

With the increase in the cost of shopping bags, the business will decide the price of bags and the usage of sales, but at this hotel all of the sales of shopping bags will be donated to the local government where each hotel is located. ..

Eri Wada of the Prince Hotel Marketing Department said, "We have already replaced plastic straws with paper and will continue to work on reducing plastics and environmental conservation."

New issues due to the spread of corona infection

With the spread of new coronavirus infections, new issues are emerging regarding the charge for shopping bags.

It is said that repeated use of my bag is more uneasy in hygiene than shopping bags, and it is pointed out that it takes time to serve customers to confirm whether shopping bags are needed. However, how to thoroughly implement infection control is an issue.

At some convenience store chains, shoppers are encouraged to pack their products to reduce the risk of infection.

However, it is difficult to provide a space for bagging inside a small convenience store, and how to prevent the three-crowded state during the daytime when many customers visit is also an issue.