Ahn Young-mi, a broadcaster, signed an exclusive management contract with a media lab seesaw established by gag-woman senior Song Eun-yi after the exclusive contract with YG Entertainment expired.

The media lab seesaw founded by Song Eun-i on the 1st includes representative Song Eun-i, Shin Bong-seon, Yoo Jae-hwan, and Kim Shin-young, and Ahn Young-mi was named as the '5th Celebrity'.

Song An-yi, Shin Bong-seon, and Kim Shin-young, all members of the Celebrity Five, formed in 2018 when Ahn Young-mi signed an exclusive contract with the Media Lab Seesaw, and they all ate Hansotbap.

Ahn Young-mi debuted as a KBS 19th public bond comedian in 2004, and gained explosive popularity through'Gag Concert-Dressing Room's Teacher' in 2009.

Media Lab's seesaw will release a special video to commemorate Ahn Young-mi's exclusive contract through'Youtube Channel Vivo TV' on the 3rd.

'Media Lab Seesaw' said, "It seems that I have received a lot of energy just by joining Ahn Young-mi, who has demonstrated outstanding abilities in various entertainment programs." "We will try our best to create an enjoyable and lively Korea with Ahn Young-mi, who has provided a great turning point in the'Self Five" activity."

Photo courtesy = Media Lab Seesaw

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)