Touching porcelain with difficulty! A slingshot stretched out of the Mercedes-Benz on the high speed, 27 "accidents" in 9 days!

  Yangzi Evening News (reporter Liu Liu) The luxury car driving on the high speed slowly approached the front car. A slingshot was stretched out of the window. While the front car changed lanes, it accelerated to catch up and shot an olive fruit at the other party. Such difficult scenes are not filming, but a new type of "touching porcelain" that has occurred frequently at high speed recently.

  In only 9 days, 27 crimes were committed on Shenhai Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, and Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway. A few days ago, Xie Mou and three others were prosecuted by the Tongzhou District Procuratorate of Nantong City according to law for alleged fraud.

I bought a second-hand mortgage luxury car to commit crimes

  Xie Mou, a 38-year-old Hunan native, has only primary school education and has been unable to find a suitable job. Around July 2019, Xie went to Linyi City, Shandong Province for more than 90,000 yuan to buy a second-hand mortgage brown Mercedes car. After the car got his hand, Xie Mou moved his crooked brain to make a fortune. In September 2019, Xie Mou contacted his fellow He Mou, and the two hit it off. They agreed to make scratches on the left side mirror of the Mercedes-Benz and go to the highway to "touch the porcelain" together. After succeeding, Xie Mou took 70% , He Mou took 30%. In order to get a good performance of "touching porcelain", they found Huangmou, a fellow truck driver, invited him to make an "important role" and promised him some benefits after he succeeded.

  On October 8, 2019, after Xie Mou and He Mou changed their cars to vice fake licenses, Xie Mou drove the car to Yanhai Expressway and carried out their first fraud.

 Make a small "car accident" while driving at high speed

  They aimed at a white Volkswagen SUV. In the coastal area of ​​Yanhai Expressway, when the Volkswagen SUV wanted to change from overtaking lane to normal lane, Xie Mou suddenly accelerated, He Mou ejected olive fruit with a slingshot in the back, making a vehicle collision Rub the sound.

  Xie immediately motioned to stop the car. "Why didn't you drive so carelessly, our car was bumped, get off the car!" He He who was sitting in the co-pilot position got out of the car while shouting the driver Li Mou, and taking advantage of the owner's inattention to be in the other car. A trace of sandpaper was scratched on the right rear door. "Look, my left side mirror of my Mercedes-Benz was damaged by your car!" After both sides confirmed that there were "scratch scratches", Xie Mou proposed that he had important matters to deal with and asked to be "private" and called Ask Mr. Huang of Mercedes-Benz 4S shop for the price.

  "You may need three or four thousand dollars to repair your mirror!" Huang, the truck driver at the other end of the phone, "changed" to become Huang, the 4S shop of Mercedes-Benz, and he casually quoted a price.

 27 crazy crimes in 9 days

  The "superb" acting of the three people bluffed the owner of Li, and heard the sound of rubbing and saw the scratches on both cars. After some bargaining, Li took out his mobile phone and transferred it to Xie Mou by RMB 3000 via WeChat transfer. The first time they touched porcelain was so easy, and they were excited. From October 8th to 16th, in 9 days, on the highway, they went crazy 27 times.

  On October 17, 2019, the public security organ discovered Xie Mou et al.'s high-speed "touch porcelain" scam clue, and Xie Mou et al. were arrested when they premeditated to commit another crime.

  Prosecutors reminded that on the highway "touching porcelain" scams, criminals often drive high-end vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, using the owner's panic to defraud money. If a car accident occurs while driving on the highway, it is best to report to the police and save the driving recorder, on-site pictures and other evidence, so as not to "privately" fall into the traps pre-arranged by criminals. At the same time, the implementation of "touch porcelain" scams on highways can easily lead to serious traffic accidents. Relevant departments need to further strengthen the crackdown and protect the lives and property safety of the people.