Tomorrow's shopping bag will be charged, and shoppers will be asked to understand the furoshiki, Kyoto June 30, 12:43

Before it became mandatory to charge plastic shopping bags from July 1, Kyoto and Kyoto City employees distributed eco-bags and furoshiki to shoppers and asked for their understanding of the system.

To reduce plastic waste, retail stores nationwide are obliged to charge plastic shopping bags from July 1st.

On the 30th, at a large shopping center in Minami-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City employees jointly distributed 700 sheets of furoshiki, eco bags, and leaflets to shoppers and others, and asked for understanding of the system. It was

The wrapping cloths that were handed out could be used as eco-bags if they were folded or tied according to the printed method, and the staff members handed them over to the shoppers, explaining that the charges will start.

A man in his 70s who received the furoshiki said, “My wife has my bag, and I would like to use it too.”

Mr. Yu Homomoto of the Promotion Department for Recycling-based Society in Kyoto said, "There are many other items that can be used repeatedly, such as eco bags and furoshiki. I would like you to use them to create a sustainable society."