When the fire truck went out of the police and encountered traffic jams, the man "textbook-style open circuit" caught fire →

  Avoidance for emergency vehicles

  Now it has gradually become a consensus

  Recently, in Puning, Guangdong

  There was a man on the road

  Carried out "textbook-style opening" for fire trucks

  Around 17:00 on June 24

  A fire truck encountered a late rush hour on the way out of the police

  Can't move in traffic

  Although the fire truck sounded the siren

  But the vehicles are waiting for the red light more than 100 meters ahead

  Almost impossible

  At this time, the owner of the fire engine, Mr. Hong, driving in front of the left

  Stop immediately

  Apply the handbrake and turn on the double flash

  It's too late to turn off the engine and remove the car key

  Get off the car and guide other vehicles to give way

  He runs while guiding the vehicle ahead

  Avoid at a 45-degree angle to both sides

  One by one knocking on the window

  Tell a fire truck to pass

  Other vehicles are also actively cooperating

  Give life to the fire truck

  Passed smoothly in less than 5 minutes

  At that time, Puning Fire Brigade South Central Avenue Fire Station

  Deputy Director Chen Kaiyu was on the fire truck at the time

  He specifically lowered the window and thanked the enthusiastic car owner loudly

  "According to past experience

  Without his help,

  It will take at least 13 minutes to cross this intersection"

  After the incident, Mr. Hong, the owner, responded that

  Hear the fire engine sirens

  Must be alert

  Let the fire truck arrive at the rescue site as soon as possible

  May save a life

  Netizens said

  Like this ordinary person who came forward!

  Did everyone learn?

  Meet the emergency vehicle in the future

  Don't forget to avoid them at 45 degrees

  Source: Voice of China (ID: zgzs001) from the Central Broadcasting and Television Station (ID: zgzs001), comprehensive pear videos, comments from netizens, etc.