DRC: assessment of 60 years of independence

Congolese children celebrating the independence of the country, the day after the proclamation of June 30, 1960. Getty images / Bettmann

By: Alain Foka

On June 30, 1960, the Belgian Congo officially proclaimed its independence. But the fragile unity shattered a few days later when the province of Katanga seceded, plunging the country into a deep political crisis and civil war. Sixty years to the day after this accession to international sovereignty, "Has God enlightened his leaders?", As asked by President Joseph Kasa-Vubu? What assessment can be made of the last six decades?


With our guests:

Al Kitenge , Congolese geo-economic strategist

Eve Bazaiba , lawyer at the Kinshasa bar, national MP and international human rights consultant, secretary general of the MLC (Mouvement de liberation du Congo)

Floribert Anzulun i, coordinator of the Filimbi citizen movement

Innocent Kongo , former senator from 2007 to 2019, business lawyer, honorary president of the Franco-Congolese consular chamber

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