(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) State Post Bureau: Beijing 100,000 Express Brother's nucleic acid test all negative

  China News Agency, Beijing, June 30 (Reporter Liu Yuying) China National Post Bureau announced on the 30th that as of 24:00 on June 27, Beijing’s major brand delivery companies have completed the nucleic acid testing task as planned, with a total of 104,807 people tested. The feedback results are all negative.

  Since June 19, Beijing Post and express delivery companies have successively arranged all front-line employees to participate in nucleic acid testing, which will be implemented step by step according to brand and region, and the nucleic acid testing has been completed as scheduled.

  "Doing the test is not only responsible for yourself, but also for the customer," said Li Jie, a sales clerk at Zhongtong Beijing Garden Bridge branch. Before leaving for dispatch every morning, the branch will measure the body temperature of the sales clerk and provide protective equipment. "We have hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and masks in the car to ensure the safety of ourselves and our customers."

  The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Postal Administration said that on the basis of the completion of nucleic acid detection by employees in the entire industry, the company will be urged to strengthen the protection of employees and the elimination of places and vehicles, and further expand the application scenarios and scope of "Beijing Healthbao".

  At present, delivery companies are making every effort to ensure the distribution of living materials in Beijing. Beijing Post uses 28 offline Huimin Life Stations and online WeChat service numbers to provide fresh fruits and vegetables and city-wide distribution services to Beijing residents. JD Express cooperates with Hebei Gaobeidian Agricultural and Sideline Products Distribution Base to set up a supply and logistics dispatch center. Beijing Yuantong has established a "100-person war epidemic emergency service team" to support the distribution of vegetables to community residents at any time. (Finish)