As the Ségur de la Santé soon comes to an end, the caregivers are mobilizing to demand more than what Olivier Véran has put on the table. The six billion euros announced by the Minister of Health would not be enough to increase all hospital staff by 300 euros net, rail the unions. 


The Ségur de la Santé negotiations were strained in the final stretch. Caregivers have expressed their dissatisfaction since they learned how much Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, is ready to put on the table. Namely 6 billion euros for all hospital staff, except doctors, so for about a million people. An additional 300 million is planned for 100,000 hospital doctors.

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Six billion, that seems a lot, but it is not enough to increase all the personnel of 300 euros net per month, plague the unions. Also dissatisfied with the doctors, who hoped 10 times more. 

"If nothing emerges from the Ségur, many will leave the public hospital"

"After the Covid, people are exhausted. Clearly, a hope was born with the words of the politicians, at the time when the caregivers were treated as heroes. If nothing emerges quickly from this Ségur, I think that many people will leave the public hospital with enormous disappointment. This will only worsen this health situation in hospitals, in case of an influx in the coming weeks, "warns Olivier Milleron, cardiologist at Bichat hospital, Paris, and member of the Inter-Hôpitaux collective.


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But as long as negotiations continue, the game is not over. The counter-proposals are already on Olivier Véran's desk. The last meeting will take place on Friday, under the aegis of Nicole Notat, the former patron of the CFDT who pilots Ségur de la Santé. Arbitrations will be announced next week.