Attorney General Inada intends to retire next month. The successor will be Prosecutor General Hayashi of Tokyo Koken June 30, 12:17.

The prosecution's chief prosecutor, Nobuo Inada, intends to retire next month. Prosecutor General Makoto Hayashi of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office is expected to take over, and restoration of the trust of the public prosecutor's office and the restructuring of the prosecution, which has been hampered by the betting Mahjong issue, etc. will be urgent issues.

According to the people involved, Prosecutor General Nobuo Inada intends to retire next month, and it is expected that Prosecutor General Makoto Hayashi of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office will take over.

Regarding the prosecution personnel, in January this year, the government changed the interpretation of the law to extend the retirement age of the former prosecutor Hiroshi Kurokawa of Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office, and among prosecutor's officials, "To make Mr. Kurokawa near the official residence the general prosecutor general Isn't it a measure?"

After that, a special provision that allows the prosecution's executives to retire at the discretion of the Cabinet was added to the amendment to the Public Prosecutor's Office Act, and the prosecution OB and others said, "It justifies that political power intervenes in the prosecution's personnel. In addition to the disagreement, a series of protest posts were posted on Twitter.

The Prosecutor's Office law amendment bill was abolished in the previous Diet session, but former prosecutor Kurokawa resigned due to the problem of betting Mahjong while proclaiming an emergency, and Prosecutor Inada suffered a series of confusion as the prosecutor's head. There were also voices pointing out the responsibility they invited.

Mr. Hayashi is a 62-year-old from Aichi prefecture and has held various positions such as the Criminal Director of the Ministry of Justice and Nagoya High Public Prosecutor General, and has been the successor of Tokyo High Public Prosecutor General since last month following the resignation of Mr. Kurokawa.

The prosecutor's office is faced with the urgent task of reorganizing the organization and regaining the trust of the public, and the skills of Mr. Hayashi, who will become the new leader, will be questioned.