China News Service, Ningbo, June 30 (Reporter Hu Xufeng correspondent Xue Caosheng) "Life is not only about the immediate, but also poetic and distant." The "little sister" in Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, spent three years, Created a "dream garden" in his home.

  "Little Sister" is 57 years old and named Gu Jingfang. Dream Garden is a place of about 45 square meters in the family. She spent three years taking care of it. "When I was a kid, the teacher planted two rose trees in the house, and they opened very well. In my memory at that time, the place with flowers was the garden." Her garden dream was planted from an early age. After retirement, this dream became more and more clear.

There are many small furnishings in the garden. Photo by Zheng Kaixia

  In 2000, "Sister Xiaomei" lived on the fifth floor after moving. At first, she was just "little trying" on the balcony. But because of lack of sunshine, the flowers and grass they raise often kill a lot. She found that the terrace on the first floor opposite had a surface area of ​​45 square meters, with lush greenery and envy. Once, she inadvertently saw a house sale message, the house opposite her heart. Soon, "Sister Xiaomei" moved into a new home and started the "flower gardener" routine.

  She renovated the garden by digging the ground three feet, and spent 350,000 yuan in three years to create what she wanted. Every year there are some new changes in the garden. Last year, she replaced the lawn with a wooden floor, which was a little fresher. This year, she put on the veil and put on the string of lights, and it was beautiful at night. For her, this is a tired and happy process. Although "Little Sister" is almost sixty years old, she looks much younger. Putting on a Mori-style gardening suit is a bit more literary.

  In the eyes of her family, she was "Sister Lin" who could do nothing, and now she is a full-fledged "female man". "Grabbing chicken manure and cow dung by hand, grasping snails by hand, and moving pots in and out are all things I do alone." "Little Sister" said that she is more grounded now, sometimes wearing pajamas from early Dry till late.

  "Don't look at the spring in the garden, if nature is not happy, I will be busy." During the typhoon last year, a tree fell and the flowers in the garden were crushed. "Little sister" It took three or four days to pack up. She also planted the most expensive flowers in the garden at the door. "That's a "Marie Nathan" (a variety of hydrangeas), and one plant costs 20,000 yuan. Solo music is not as good as public music. Of course, the best flowers must be enjoyed by everyone."

  There are many small decorations in the garden. Flowers, small ornaments and various animal-shaped iron products are all bought by the "little sister". In order to take care of this dream garden, she has not been far away in recent years. The biggest fun is to take care of these flowers and plants. "It's just a few hours to go downstairs every day. I have to shout several times every time I eat. Sometimes I don't even remember if I have a meal." The daughter said jokingly. Since the garden, "Little Sister" has become a "flower" Fool".

  During the epidemic this year, "Little Sister" opened her own vibrato to record the daily routine of taking care of the garden. Unexpectedly, in just two months, there were 15,000 followers, and a video ushered in more than 200,000. attention. There are even netizens who come from Shanghai and Hangzhou to punch in. "The poetic life I have dreamed of, you have helped me achieve it." Many netizens expressed envy.

  Under the influence of "Little Beautiful Sister", more and more people like flowers and plants in the community. She set up a group of flower friends in the community, sharing the experience of growing flowers, sharing flower seedlings with everyone, and even providing some garden decoration experience. There is a letter box on the door post of the "Little Sister" garden, which is specially placed with some pruned flower seedlings, and the neighbors who need it can get it at any time. "Little Sister Mei" said, "I want to live my life into a poem and make the garden beautiful." (End)