[Commentary] Ingenious and delicate pottery bowls and cups, happy surrounding pets, and freshly carved seals. Recently, the Shenyang Rhino Market was held at the 1905 Cultural and Creative Park. Found the long-lost fireworks.

  【Explanation】According to the introduction, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the entire cultural and creative industry is facing great survival pressure. From independent designers to handicraftsmen, many young cultural and creative people are facing freezing points in their careers. At this time, the opening of the rhinoceros market is of great significance to help cultural and creative people return to life.

  [Same period] A cultural and creative brand manager

  During the outbreak, of course, everyone in our studio was affected. However, because the market in 1905 can bring more and more fun people together, it also allows some friends staying here to have the opportunity to meet more new friends.

  [Commentary] According to reports, compared with the past, there are more literary and creative people signing up for this year's Rhino Market, and the distribution of the industry is particularly wide. In addition to the handicrafts and design that everyone is more familiar with, food, light food, even music, dance Other practitioners also actively signed up.

  [Same period] Wang Zhihan, Deputy General Manager of 1905 Cultural and Creative Park

  A very obvious feature this year is that not only the number of stalls has reached a record high, more than 130 stalls, but also more than half of these stalls, almost 60% or 70% of the stall owners are the first time Come to participate in the rhino market.

  [Commentary] In addition, the head of the creative team of the current rhino market said that the market's activity time and organization cycle have been extended. At the same time, more than 20 drama workshops, hand-made open classes, art sharing sessions and other activities will be created for people of different ages and different interests and hobbies. Behind the exquisite aesthetics, there is also a long-lost firework gas.

  Reporter Gong Xu Li Han Shenyang reports

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]