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Upon learning of the racist crime of which Althea Bernstein was a victim, Meghan Markle called her to give her support and comfort. The 18-year-old mixed-race girl living in Madison, Wisconsin, was attacked by four white men at a pedestrian crossing while she was driving. They "sprayed liquid on her face and neck before throwing a lighter on it which ignited the liquid," according to the police report shared by NBC News.

As the local publication Channel 3000 reports, Meghan Markle got in touch with Althea Bernstein thanks to the president of the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County, Michael Johnson, who represents the victim and his family. During this conversation which "lasted forty minutes", the Duchess of Sussex was able to "cheer up" the victim and Prince Harry also took part in the conversation.

Significant support

“[Althea Bernstein] has trouble coping with what has happened to her. It is a challenge for her. I spoke to her three or four times today and I can tell you that Meghan cheered her up, ”added Michael Johnson, who also thanked the princely couple on Twitter for their support.

On the phone with Prince Harry and Meghan Markel the Duchess of Sussex. Prince Harry shared that young people voices matter and Meghan has agreed to talk with girls in Wisconsin and we will be scheduling that soon. Thank you for caring! pic.twitter.com/FoVs6ewRgo

- Michael Johnson (@MJohnsonCEO) June 27, 2020

Althea Bernstein suffers from second and third degree burns on the face and neck.


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