China News Agency, Hong Kong, June 30 (Reporter Zhuo Long) The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yuee, said on the 30th that any sanctions will not scare the SAR government. The SAR government has been psychologically prepared and believes that the country will react when necessary. The SAR Government will definitely cooperate fully with the implementation of the control measures.

  In the morning, Lin Zhengyue responded to the US sanctions when he met the media before attending the executive meeting.

  Lin Zhengyue said that the SAR government has been assessing US sanctions for a long time, because some people often beg the US to sanction Hong Kong, but the assessment concluded that Hong Kong does not use much related products and there are other alternatives. The related industries have been mostly located in the mainland. I believe it will have little impact on Hong Kong's creation of an innovation center.

  She said that Hong Kong imports a large amount of goods from the United States each year, giving the United States the highest trade surplus in the world in Hong Kong, with an amount of about US$30 billion per year. At present, the so-called US sanctions are estimated to involve the export of military or military-civilian technology products. In the past, there were relatively few restrictions on Hong Kong. However, in the future, business units need to apply for export licenses in advance, which may cause some inconvenience. (Finish)