Mayor Akitakada Hiroshima resigned Receiving cash from former Minister of Finance Kawai June 30 17:58

Former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki Kawai and his wife, Senator Satoshi, arrested Mayor Hiroshi Kodama of Akitakada City, Hiroshima Prefecture, for acknowledging receipt of cash from former Minister Kawai in an election violation I made it clear that I will resign. The third local government leader in Hiroshima prefecture who accepts and accepts exchange of cash and resigns is the third person.

Mayor Hiroshi Kodama of Akitakata City held a press conference with his head cut off on the 26th of this month, and acknowledged that he received 600,000 yen in cash from former Minister of Justice Kawai, who was a member of the prefectural assembly.

Mayor Kodama declined to say anything about his retreat, but on the 30th he held another meeting and announced that he would resign after taking responsibility for the matter.

"I submitted a resignation to the chairman of the city council last night and it was accepted. I decided that continuing the mayor would hinder the administration of the city," he said.

Mayor Kodama ran for the mayoral election held in April this year and won the first election without voting, but at the time of this election, he refused to give and receive cash, and after resigning, he ran for the mayoral election again. As for whether or not to do so, he said, "I want to make a decision while consulting with the supporters."

The local government leader in Hiroshima prefecture who resigned in this case acknowledged that 200,000 yen in cash was given and received, and it was said that Mr. Shinji Kosaka, the former mayor of Akiota town who resigned in April, received 1.5 million yen in cash, 30 days It is the third person following the mayor of Yoshinori Tenma, who resigned as a result.