Sixty years of independence of the DR-Congo with the historian Isidore Ndaywel

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Congolese historian Isidore Ndaywel (here in 2012 in Kinshasa) AFP / Junior D. Kannah

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Sixty years ago, to the day, Congo-Kinshasa gained independence. But the Congolese had to wait 59 years to know the first peaceful alternation at the top of the State ... An alternation still very controversial. At the heart of this fight for democracy is the CLC, the Lay Coordination Committee, a collective very close to the Catholic Church in the Congo. Historian Isidore Ndaywel is the coordinator. While in Paris, Professor Ndaywel, who has just published The Congo in the Hurricane of History, at L'Harmattan, testifies at the microphone of RFI.

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