China News Service Chongzuo, June 30 (Yuan Jinfeng, Shi Fuyun) On June 27, the Shuolong Border Police Station of the Chongzuo Border Management Detachment of Guangxi Province seized a small box truck suspected of illegally trafficking snake eggs, and arrested 2 persons on the spot.

The picture shows the number of snake eggs counted by the police. Photo courtesy of the police

  At about 13:00 on the same day, the police in the Long or Duty Point conducted a routine inspection of a small box truck from Shuolong Town to the direction of Daxin County. The police found that the car was filled with white rectangular foam boxes and had a Strange smell, the police immediately asked the driver to open the foam box. After careful counting by the police, it was found that the 19 foam boxes on the car were filled with snake eggs, a total of 11,595.

The picture shows the number of snake eggs counted by the police. Photo courtesy of the police

  The forestry department identified the snake eggs as cobra eggs, which belong to Guangxi's key protected wild animals. Since the owner of the vehicle could not provide the breeding certificate, industrial and commercial license, transportation certificate, inspection and quarantine certificate and other related procedures, the police initially determined that Suspected of illegally trafficking wild animals, the goods and vehicles were temporarily detained.

The picture shows the scene of the seizure. Photo courtesy of the police

  At present, the case has been transferred to relevant departments for investigation.

The picture shows the snake eggs seized. Photo courtesy of the police

  The police reminded that wild animals are an important natural resource of the country, and the public security organs have hit hard against all kinds of illegal and criminal acts that damage wild animal resources. During the epidemic, relevant departments issued a document prohibiting wildlife trading activities. For large-scale illegal trafficking of wild animals and their products, wild animal dealers are often severely punished with severe penalties. For wild animal violations that do not constitute crimes, in addition to administrative punishment measures, civil contracts for illegal transactions will be It was deemed invalid because it violated the mandatory provisions of the law. (Finish)