China News Service Huangshan, June 30 (Wang Yun Li Yan Xu Zhen) "There is sunshine in my heart, there is power under my feet." This is what Ye Shijin, a villager in Longjiang Village, Hongcun Town, Yi County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, often told people. In a word.

  At first sight, Ye Shijin was not tall, his back was a little camel, and his dark skin, he greeted everyone with a smile. It was such an optimistic farmer, but before that he was a veritable poor household in Xiuhou Group, Longjiang Village, Hongcun Town, Yi County.

  Ye Shijin was classified as a poor household in 2014. Her mother is old and her daughter has a third-degree mental disability. The wife has to take care of her mother and daughter. All the burdens on the family are placed on the shoulder of 51-year-old Ye Shijin.

  "It's the Party's poverty alleviation policy that lights up the hope in my heart." Ye Shijin said that the village resident team and the village committee have applied for policies such as rural minimum living security, old age subsidies, and special family planning awards for his family. .

  Ye Shijin, who is strong, uses the existing tea garden in his home, applies for a micro-credit of 50,000 yuan for poverty alleviation, learns the tea planting management technology, and actively transforms the low-yield tea garden. The annual tea income is more than 6,000 yuan; at the same time, he works hard and farms Working outside the home to increase family income. Through his unremitting efforts, Ye Shijin's family successfully achieved poverty alleviation in 2017.

Ye Shijin's paintings. Photo courtesy of Propaganda Department of Yixian County Committee

  "In the beginning, when my life was sad, I was focused on getting rid of poverty. Nowadays, accurate poverty alleviation has made me regain my dreams. In addition to getting rid of poverty and getting rich, our people must also make their lives better and better." He also has to take the time to pick up the brush and learn to create.

  Ye Shijin transformed his courtyard into an open-air studio, and his walls were covered with his works. The sketches of the characters were vivid and vivid. The landscape paintings were magnificent and the flowers and birds were auspicious and lively. Beauty is expressed on a paper stroke by stroke, drawing a farmer's relentless pursuit of life. In his free time, he also went to Hongcun Scenic Area to teach teachers and students of sketching techniques and techniques, and constantly improve the level of painting.

  "I have loved painting since I was a kid. No one taught me how to paint animals and objects. I don't draw anything. Although I am not professional, I paint with my heart. I want to draw people and things in our countryside. It shows the spiritual outlook of our new peasants' new life." Facing the praise of the villagers, Ye Shijin always smiled and said, "In the future, if your family wants to paint on the wall, I will paint for you if you don't want to abandon me."

  Today, Ye Shijin has become a "red man" in the village, and he also uses the specialty of painting to help the painting of rural cultural walls in the construction of beautiful villages in Longjiang Village.

  From poor households in the village to today's role model in poverty alleviation, Ye Shijin said confidence is more important than gold. Now Ye Shijin's family has a stable income every year, the family is clean and tidy, and the mother is kind and filial. He said he will use hard work to develop Create a new world, live a life, and fight for those who have helped yourself. (Finish)