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French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe arrive to attend the Elysee Palace, at a meeting with members of the Citizens' Climate Convention on their environmental proposals. Paris 06/29/20 CHRISTIAN HARTMANN / POOL / AFP

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The same photo or almost on the front page of Le Figaro , Liberation , or even the Parisian , this morning: we see Emmanuel Macron walking alongside his Prime Minister Édouard Philippe in the lush vegetation of the Élysée park. Photo taken yesterday Monday during the reception at the presidential palace of the 150 members of the Citizen's Climate Convention.

Macron wants to green the end of his five-year term,  " headlines Le Figaro.

Macron goes green,  " says Le Parisien.

In pursuit of the green diamond  ", quips Liberation .

Chiche! exclaims the newspaper. This is the reaction that comes to mind when we listened to Emmanuel Macron yesterday morning reacting to the plan proposed by the 150 members of the Citizen Convention on Climate. The President solemnly announced that he would take over 146 of the 149 measures presented to him. The percentage is impressive (98%) , says Liberation. The opposition, especially green, will not fail to say that this is not enough, or else worry about dilution over the decrees and laws planned, which are given the calendar and not the exact list. Aren't we going far enough? Probably, estimates the newspaper. But unless there is a global denial, we will have advanced. (…) In this Prévert green inventory, it is easy to distort or elude the most sensitive measures. This is already the case for speed limits on motorways or the refusal to tax dividends more. Vigilance is therefore essential, concludes Liberation, and it will be necessary to check with a magnifying glass the concrete translation of these good intentions.  "

" I take everything! " or almost…

Indeed, notes Le Parisien , “  the president's speech was significantly different from that of the environmental activists and elected officials who celebrated their victory on Sunday evening. The President recalled that he remained committed to growth. He dismissed the taxation of dividends to finance the energy transition to which society aspires. There is no doubt about it, notes Le Parisien , there are several shades of green. If not fifty, at least two…  ”

146 out of 149 measures for the climate, therefore, “ 'I take everything' , launched Emmanuel Macron, all smiles , notes Le Figaro, promising a bill, referendum and, why not, new citizens' conventions! Sometimes dazzled (or doubtful?), The Prime Minister was there, by his presence, to demonstrate the government's commitment ...

And Le Figaro to wonder: "  promise without tomorrow or irreversible oath? If in doubt, you have to rely on French administrative genius. He knows, seemingly not to touch it, to practice a merciless selective sorting. "

End strategist

Le Courrier Picard notes the expediency and even the skill of Emmanuel Macron… "  The President therefore did not wait twenty-four hours after the environmentalist wave - and the scathing flip side of LREM - to give another color to his mandate . It was a good time, especially since the new green elected officials who find themselves at the head of big cities are famous strangers. At the end of the strategy, Emmanuel Macron therefore wants to embody this thirst for ecology out of the polls at the municipal level, confirming the good results of Europe Ecology the Greens in the latest Europeans. This is clever, since we almost forget that the candidates supported or invested by LREM have mainly called to vote against the green lists, allying rather with those on the right.  "

2022 target

“  Paradoxically, underlines Southwest: on the surface, Emmanuel Macron responds to the wishes expressed on Sunday by a (relative) majority of voters. But this response is both too quick to be completely honest, or too slow as many voters have told him, sometimes his former voters, tired of noticing that so many fine speeches have hardly translated into action. In reality, believes Southwest, Macron is preparing the next step, that is to say the presidential election, which will consist for him of rallying men (or women) on the right and 'at the same time' to pre-empt this theme. dominant on the left that has become ecology. Which leads to another paradox, the newspaper also points out: how to marry the two winners of this Sunday evening, namely Édouard Philippe and the environmentalists? In other words, can the Prime Minister, so popular but so green, be the man of this green turning point? Another puzzle for Emmanuel Macron . "

5 years including 2 farms for Fillon

Also on the front page, the conviction of François Fillon and his wife Pénélope ... "  Judicial lightning falls on the Fillon couple  ", exclaims La Croix. In an extremely severe judgment, the Paris Criminal Court castigated the 'breach of the duty of probity and exemplarity' of the former Prime Minister who was sentenced to five years in prison, two of which closes. His wife, she got three years suspended sentence.  "

"  Fictitious jobs: the Fillon take dear in court,  " points Liberation. Humiliation for François Fillon, crucified in a public place (…). The criminal court will have inflicted a harsh lesson in public morals.  "

Le Figaro, for its part, notes that the couple's lawyers immediately appealed.

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