Ellemieke Vermolen thinks she has a strong influence on what her husband Sergio Herman makes in the kitchens of his restaurants. The presenter suspects that she helped to ensure that his restaurant Pure C does not serve meat.

"He used to come up with streaky bacon: 'Yep, it's on the map!' But pork is the number one cause of colon cancer in men: come on! In the meantime we have been together for twelve years and so it took me twelve years to make him renounce the streaky bacon: can you tell, "said Vermolen (43) in conversation with Humo .

The presenter has been a vegetarian for years, but now she eats chicken and fish again. At home she mainly cooks and so she has a big influence on what her husband and two sons eat. The eccentric eats little meat because she doesn't like it, not necessarily on a principle.

"When my mother baked a steak and told her which animal it was, I was nauseated: I saw it in front of me," says Vermolen. "I still don't like it. Steak or something: no! I refuse to take it home. Once a year, when it's their birthday, the children can choose the menu, and then Noah goes for steak with chips. Then Sergio to the supermarket and he bakes the meat, because I don't do it. "

Just because her husband is a star chef and she is eating healthy food doesn't mean just putting vegetables on the table in their household. "I like to order a cheese souffle with my fries. The children prefer chicken fingers or, if we go to McDonald's, a chicken burger . We live according to the 80/20 rule: 80 percent healthy, 20 percent unhealthy."