Correction of the number of deaths due to Hyogo Corona Counting the two dead to be discharged from the hospital June 30 18:07

Hyogo Prefecture announced that it was mistakenly counted as discharged from the hospital without knowing that two women in their 70s and 90s who were infected with the new coronavirus, a total of two, died during hospitalization. On the 30th, the prefecture corrected the number of fatalities and apologized that "the information was insufficiently confirmed".

Hyogo Prefecture held a press conference on the 30th and announced that it was found that two women in their 70s and 90s, who had been included in the "discharged" by the statistics of patients with new coronavirus, had died. did.

According to the prefecture, two women were hospitalized at a medical facility in the prefecture after being found to have been infected with the new coronavirus since mid-April, but died of worsening symptoms.

The health center under the jurisdiction contacted by the medical institution reported that the patient died, but did not report it to the prefecture.

The prefecture believed that the two had discharged from the hospital due to improvement in their symptoms, and continued to publish false statistics, but the government pointed out that.

Due to the correction, the total number of people who died in the prefecture became 45.

Teruo Yamashita, Director of the Prefectural Disease Control Section, apologized, "I was confused when the number of patients increased, and there was a lack of confirmation of information. I am sorry."