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That Carlos Latre is the best imitator in Spain, everyone knows it; that only Carlos Latre could imitate Fernando Simón and embroider him, too; that if I had done it in another program other than El Hormiguero, today it would only be one more video on Twitter, too. The problem is that Carlos Latre imitated Fernando Simón and he did it in El Hormiguero and with the replicas of Pablo Motos , who has been giving the epidemiologist a fierce fuss even before the state of alarm for the coronavirus was declared.

The harsh criticism, never without controversy, from Pablo Motos to Fernando Simón reached the top night with the magnificent imitation of Carlos Latre . It was such that if you closed your eyes and did not watch television, no one would have realized that in reality he was not Fernando Simón but a copycat. The perfect voice, the look too. An imitation to make people laugh, to remove iron from the matter, to caricature the character of the moment, which ended up causing applause from many, but also criticism from many others, more than by imitation because Pablo Motos took advantage of the moment to lick his wounds .

Wounds produced by the criticism that he himself has mercilessly launched against Fernando Simón and that had his reply last night using the imitation of Carlos Latre to respond to all the attacks that the presenter has received for his attacks on the epidemiologist.

Nothing was left in the pipeline, not even when Pablo Motos made fun of the appearance of Fernando Simón . "Ah, you! You are the one with the jokes", Carlos Latre started so that Pablo Motos could enter the game. "Well, yes, I made a joke, but ..." Pablo Motos tried to explain. "You were the one who said that I looked like I had slept in a car ... I was amused," the best defense is always a good attack. "Well, I appreciate it a lot because it was not very celebrated," said Motos. "Well, it's the 'new normal', and I eat another almond.

And that the imitation began with all the softness in the world, with the almond moment, without more, with no intention of anything more than to caricature a character. Because in the end that's what an imitation is. Just like when he caricatures Mariano Rajoy or Pedro Sánchez or anyone else.

The problem is that behind this imitation came a heavily loaded backpack. Loaded with criticism, loaded with errors and loaded with controversy. Even so, Carlos Latre did the same thing he always does, plain and simple to imitate. Just like he already has his shirts, Carlos Latre was slow to do the imitation.

And that should have remained, but it would have been very strange that after all the lashes that Pablo Motos had launched against Fernando Simón, the presenter had not entered the game of imitation. Of course he entered! And it caused the same thing that it has provoked every word about Fernando Simón, controversy and tension, especially on social networks.

"Pablo Motos is fixated on Fernando Simón . He is sickly ..."; "It shows how little elegance they have"; "I don't know what happens to Pablo Motos with this man"; "What he has done rather is try to ridicule Fernando Simón ", and thus a long list of tweets criticizing Pablo Motos' attitude even when the one who is there is not Fernando Simón but an imitator.

The imitation became a kind of mocking interview by Pablo Motos with Fernando Simón . "When will people be able to bathe after eating, Señor Simón?" Asked Pablo Motos . And Carlos Latre or Fernando Simón ate another almendrita and choked again and caricatured the epidemiologist again, responding as Fernando Simón would have done , but being Carlos Latre . I mean, with humor.

And he would have stayed in the mood because what Carlos Latre did is what he has done so many times and has made so many laugh. "What new normality will we have with masks?" Asked Pablo Motos. "The new normal is that in 2021 we will have a lot of people with ears like Legolas . " "Is your voice fading?", Returned to the attack Motos. "No, my voice isn't fading. Another one of your jokes?" . And Carlos Latre took out the subway and hit Motos on the forehead to keep the safety distance.

And among almonds, peanuts and grapes, an imitation not suitable for offenders ended. Carlo Latre did the same thing he has been doing for decades and did it just as well and did it with the same irony and the same mocking tone, with the only difference that Pablo Motos has given too much wax to Fernando Simón and what had to be an imitation Furthermore, it became a new controversy, a new division between those who considered the epidemiologist a disqualification and those who saw nothing but humor, the same humor as always, as well done as only Carlos Latre knows how to do it .

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