Broadway will no longer perform this year, and rebates will be available for shows before January 2021.

  Beijing News (Reporter Liu Zhen) On June 29, local time, the Broadway Alliance in New York announced that Broadway will be closed until January 3, 2021 due to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. This also means that all Broadway performances in 2020 will be missed. The audience meets. In a statement issued by the Broadway Alliance, the Broadway Theater will provide a refund and exchange service for all performances before January 3, 2021, but the exact time to resume the performance is uncertain.

  It is understood that the Broadway Alliance is communicating with city and state officials and experts from the health department about the reopening plan. The Alliance is considering screening and testing of audiences and employees, as well as disinfection and cleaning of the theater interior. Charlotte Saint Martin, chairman of the Broadway Alliance, said in a statement: "Our alliance members are working closely with the Drama Union to discuss the possibilities of reopening the theater with experts and are committed to being able to safely serve Broadway audiences and The staff worked hard to resume the show."

  Previously, Broadway was suspended on March 12 this year. In May, it was announced to be closed until September 6, but now this number has been extended by 4 months, becoming the longest period of suspension in Broadway history. In the West End, which is also receiving attention, the date of return is still unclear. In early June, the London Theatre Association (SOLT) issued a statement announcing that the closing time of the West End will be extended to August 2 again. This news has not been updated yet.