TF1 ends its season with 19.4% audience share, and remains far ahead of France 2. But France 2 is in a better dynamic, while the first channel loses 0.4 points compared to the previous season. 

For TV channels, it's time for the traditional end-of-season reviews. And TF1 continues to dominate head and shoulders, ending its season with 19.4% audience share, 5.5 points more than its first competitor France 2. But the two channels are in different dynamics: TF1 lost 0.4 points compared to the previous season, where France 2 gained 0.3.

The dynamics are identical when looking at the two groups, including all the strings on each side. The TF1 group (which also includes TMC, TFX or LCI) lost 0.3 point in one season (27.1%), where all of France Televisions gained 0.2 (28.6%) , which makes the public group the first in France. 

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CNews progresses

For its part, Arte had a very good season. Its scores obviously remain very far from the leaders, but between the 2018/19 season and the 2019/20 season, the chain gained 0.3 point of audience share. Arte even ended the year with an historic month of June at 3% audience share. Enough to salute with dignity the departure of its president Véronique Cayla, who will be replaced next week by Bruno Patino.

Regarding news channels, BFM-TV retains leadership, with 2.7% audience share, a slight increase compared to the previous season. LCI is second in front of CNews and franceinfo closes the march. It is actually between LCI and CNews that the competition is strongest. The Canal group channel ends the season on a high note: CNews surpassed LCI, gaining 0.8 points of audience share compared to June 2019. It is a historic record, at least since CNews s calls CNews!