Muriel Pénicaud, May 12, 2020 in Montévrain. - Christophe PETIT TESSON / POOL / AFP

Suspected fraud and fraud procedures ... Muriel Pénicaud revealed to Challenges magazine an initial assessment of the 3,000 checks carried out in companies benefiting from partial unemployment.

“Since May 22, 12,000 checks are in progress, including 400 triggered following reports from union organizations or employees. We also carry out random checks. To date, 3,000 files have been closed, ”she said. Out of these 3,000 files, "1,600 are completely correct", "approximately 600 have led to adjustments in favor or against the company" and "we have identified around 850 suspected fraud cases which have led to further investigations "Detailed the Minister.

Up to 8.7 million workers affected

"We have even initiated four criminal proceedings for fraud," she added, citing, "in Hauts-de-France, a business owner who created five companies for 67 employees, but none of them is not declared or has paid social security contributions ”. "The objective is to carry out 50,000 checks by the end of the summer," said the minister. Upon confinement and to compensate for the resulting cessation of activity, the government widened the possibility of resorting to partial unemployment in France. According to an estimate by the Ministry of Labor, 7.2 million French people were unemployed one or more days a week in March, 8.7 million in April and 7.8 million in May.

In mid-May, he announced a strengthening of controls, carried out by agents of the Direccte (regional directorates for enterprises, competition, consumption, labor and employment), which received the reinforcement of 300 agents on this theme, "supported by labor inspectors". In the event of fraud, the penalties range up to 2 years' imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros, and with regard to administrative sanctions, provide for the reimbursement of aid and the exclusion of aid for up to 5 years .


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