China News Service, June 30th. The Information Office of the Tieli Municipal Government, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province notified the progress of Li Mouran’s death on June 30. According to the news office of the Tieli Municipal Government, after the death of Li Mouran, according to the progress of the case, Tieli City immediately established a duty investigation team of relevant functional departments led by the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Political and Law Commission. Under the supervision of the supervision committee of the Spring City Committee, a comprehensive investigation was conducted on the administrative approval, establishment and operation of the involved company in accordance with law and regulations.

  After a preliminary investigation, it was found that the actual business scope of the enterprise involved was inconsistent with the content of the filing for approval and that the relevant functional departments had insufficient supervision. Relevant investigation work is currently underway. The next step will continue to speed up the investigation, seriously deal with the existing violations of discipline and law, and disclose the results to the public in a timely manner.

  According to the Beijing News, in the early morning of June 21, Li Mouran, a 26-year-old man treated at the Riyuexia Senior Forest Recreation Center in Tieli City, Heilongjiang, died 54 days after dieting. His father once said, "The child often talks to himself after graduating from college. After being introduced to the health center for treatment, there is a qigong master who says the child will get better if he does not eat for 70 days."

  The investigation found that "Qigong Master" Liu Shanglin is the chairman of the Heilongjiang Riyuexia Great Forest Tourism Group Co., Ltd., and the health center involved is one of the group's subsidiaries. In addition to the fasting regimen, Liu Shanglin also implanted clapping movements in yoga and aerobics, claiming that clapping can resist the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and treat cancer and diabetes.

  On June 24, the Tieli City Public Security Bureau criminally detained Liu Shanglin, General Manager Yang Li, and Lecturer Wu Hongxi of Heilongjiang Riyuexia Forest Tourism Group Co., Ltd. in connection with the crime of using superstition to cause death.