Comedian Park Na-rae confesses that even a cleaning expert has given up on cleaning her home.

In the TVN entertainment program'Nearly Clean', which aired yesterday (29th),'Maximalist' Narae Park visited'Minimalist' actress Shin Aera's house to get advice on organizing.

A maximalist means a person who generously invests time and money for what he wants and wants to have, and a minimalist means a person who pursues a life with minimal furniture and household products.

In a previous interview, Park Na-rae said, "I want to clean up well, but I can't stand it. I recognized my aunt who cleaned it and said,'I can't do this house.' Then he said, "He was the one who was in charge of the Wanna One lodging, but there were 11 people to live there. Still, he gave up saying'The house is better.'"
Park Na-rae said, "I say'I'm a shit', and I say'I'm a shit'." He even referred to himself as "a lump of desire." He said, "The staff at the hotel took a little salt and still have it." He also revealed his reason for saying, "Everything has a story. I can't throw it away because I think I will use it someday."

The production team took Park Na-rae to the house of Shinae-ra, a master of cleanup, and told Park Na-rae, who said it was difficult to throw away, and said, “I will leave only one of the most memorable things and leave the rest as a picture.”

On the broadcast on the day, Park Na-rae, who organized the actor Yoon Gyun-sang's house together with Shin A-rae, admired the transformed Yoon Gyun-sang's house and said, "I've been creepy up to my thighs.

The netizens who heard the broadcast expressed sympathy with Narae Park with comments such as "I am the same as my older sister," "I understand my heart, but I have to throw it away," and "I can't discard it because I think I will use it someday."

(Photo = tvN's clean and clean broadcast screen capture)