"Aomori Heart Beat" First auction 300,000 yen 1 box New variety of cherry June 30, 15:24


The first auction of a new cherry variety, "Juno Heart", originally developed by Aomori Prefecture, was held. Among them, "Aomori Heart Beat", which has been branded for its excellent size and gloss, has 300,000 boxes per box. The high price of the circle is on.

The new cherry "Juno Heart" developed by Aomori Prefecture has a large diameter of 28 mm or more, has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, and is shaped like a heart.

Of these, those with a diameter of 31 mm or more and good color luster are branded as "Aomori Heartbeat".

On the 30th, at the Central Wholesale Market in Hachinohe City, the first auction of this year was held, and "Juno Heart" produced in Nanbu-cho and Sannohe-cho and "Aomori Heart Beat" for about 9 km lined up, "Aomori Heart Beat" Is the highest at a wholesale company in Chiba Prefecture, which was auctioned off for 15 300,000 yen.

The president of the wholesale company who bid off said, "I decided to bid off at any price today. I want to sell Aomori cherries nationwide."

The cherries that were auctioned off at the market were immediately sold at the fruit and vegetable stores in Hachinohe City, and people who shopped enjoyed the beautiful colors.

According to Aomori Prefecture, this Junohart is expected to be sold nationwide from July 1st, as it is expected that about 600 kg of this year's Junohart will be produced, which is about three times that of last year.