Illustrative image of Netflix. - JP Offord / REX / SIPA

There is no denying, NLP are truly the kings of communication. While we discovered a few days ago that a collaboration between the two brothers and Netflix would soon see the light of day, new clues have just been sown by the teasing pros.

As reported by Booska-P or Le Mouv ', fans of the group would have received enigmatic letters which lift the veil a little more on this project. In the form of false concert places, the letters marked Netflix and PNL, evoke the date of Sunday July 5.

I received this in my mailbox this morning, the teasing is incredible, it will be great @abdelcameleon #DLL #DLLTour

- Tayem (@Kiil_am) June 29, 2020

A preview?

In addition to the date, the tickets also contain a QR code and a barcode. Is it the formalization of the project exit date? Or a preview offered to a handful of handpicked fans? Many questions still surround this collaboration, and we trust the two artists to continue to cover the tracks in the days to come. A millimeter communication plan, which we hope will lead us to an apotheosis in early July.


NLP and Netflix work together but keep the mystery alive


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