[Affordable China] Kazakh herdsmen in Dabancheng: rely on camel milk industry to increase income and become rich

  [Commentary] Zhu Mayi, a native of Kazakh ethnic group in Xinjiang, officially became a worker in February 2020. This is something he never dreamed of. On June 28, in the first production workshop of Xinjiang Golden Camel Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Golden Camel"), which mainly focuses on the development of camel milk series, in Daban District, Urumqi, Zhu Mayi operated tens of millions of yuan alone. Machine, camel milk collected from his house will be turned into camel milk powder from his hands, this is the best return of his monthly income of 4500 yuan.

  [Same period] Zhu Mayi, workshop worker of Xinjiang Golden Camel Investment Co., Ltd

  In the past, we grew up drinking camel milk, camel milk (turned into) milk powder, and the business is also very good. I am also very happy to work here.

  [Explanation] Dabancheng District is located in the southern part of the Bogda Peak, the highest peak in the east of Tianshan, 86 kilometers from Urumqi. Locals ridiculed that the wind here only blows once a year, from winter to spring. The Kazakh herdsmen who have lived here for a long time have limited natural conditions and live on grazing all year round. Zhu Mayi grew up in a pastoral area and experienced the hardships of herdsmen. Now as a modern worker, Zhu Mayi no longer holds a whip in his hand, but a computer-controlled automatic machine.

  The frequency of use of machines in Dabancheng District is getting higher and higher. The herdsman Mulati Jiang drove 130 kilograms of camel milk in an electric three-wheeled vehicle and delivered them to the fresh milk station at 30 yuan per kilogram. Mulati River carefully poured into a stainless steel milk tank covered with a filter. At the press of a button, camel milk in the milk tank was quickly imported into a 4.5-ton refrigerated tank. On that day, Mulati River earned 3900 yuan.

  【Same period】Murati River, herdsmen in Daban District, Urumqi

  Selling tits now, tits are very valuable now, more than one hundred kilograms of dairy are sold every day, now there is a factory, now it is collected at the milk station.

  【Explanation】The herders can now squeeze more milk from the camel's body and turn it into banknotes. Mura Tijiang told reporters that the price of camel milk was 5 yuan per kilogram five years ago, and is now 6 times higher than in the past.

  Zhao Weiliang is the production manager of Xinjiang Golden Camel Investment Co., Ltd. He is fluent in Kazakh and can apply his decades of experience to patents on the production line. Let people live a healthier life, and let herders have money in their hands. This was the original intention of their company when they set up a factory in Dabancheng.

  [Same period] Zhao Weiliang, Production Director of Xinjiang Golden Camel Investment Co., Ltd.

  Camel milk products are indeed a specialty milk in our Xinjiang. From the perspective of its nutritional value and functionality, camel milk is indeed beneficial to our humanity (product). Our Xinjiang camel industry should really head to the World.

  [Commentary] It is understood that the golden camel adopts the "enterprise + breeding cooperative + farmer" camel industrialization management method to drive the herdsmen in Daban District to raise more than 12,000 camels, and establish five breeding cooperatives to increase the income of herdsmen around Dabancheng. More than 50 million yuan, providing more than 500 jobs.

  Next, Zhao Weiliang will study how to increase the conception rate of camels and double the camels in the herdsmen's circle.

  Reporter Ji Jiangtong Zhao Yamin Urumqi, Xinjiang reported

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