In the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex, investigators found traces of more than 30,000 suspects in total. That was announced by NRW Minister of Justice Peter Biesenbach (CDU). It is about the spread and possession of child pornography, but also about concrete acts of abuse. In forums and messenger services, people openly dealt with their acts of abuse, fueled each other and gave each other tips.

The prosecutor has already filed charges against the 43-year-old prime suspect. Among other things, she accuses the German of sexually abusing his daughter, who was born in 2017. The majority of them were photographed and filmed and forwarded these recordings to chat partners. 

He is said to have committed part of the acts together with a man from Kamp-Lintfort. The son and daughter of the chat partner and the daughter of the accused are said to have been abused. In addition, they are said to have arranged for a serious sexual assault on the three-year-old niece of the chat partner.