Saitama Prefecture confirmed infection of 8 new people New Corona June 28 18:54

On August 28, in Saitama prefecture, eight new male and female new coronavirus infections were confirmed, including an employee of a cabaret store in Saitama City, who is known to have been infected by multiple employees.

According to Saitama City, three of them are men in their thirties and women in their twenties living in the city, and women in their thirties in Konosu City.Several infected people were confirmed on 27th, Omiya, Saitama City. It means that he is an employee of a cabaret store in the ward.

Now there are a total of 8 infected people related to this cabaret club.

According to Saitama Prefecture, a total of 4 infections were confirmed, including women attending a vocational school in their 20s in Warabi, men in their 30s who are self-employed, and women in their 30s who are medical workers in Soka. It was.

Among them, a woman in Soka City is working at Misato Central General Hospital, where multiple infections have already been confirmed in hospitalized patients.

In addition, the infection of a man in his 20s working for a company in Tokyo was newly confirmed in Kawaguchi City.

The fact that there was an infected person at work meant that the man had no symptoms, but he was confirmed to have been infected when examined.

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus announced in Saitama is now 1,106.