A representation of the musical The Phantom of the Opera in London's West End - John Rainford / Cover Images

La Gaumont, who has already produced Narcos and F Is For Family for Netflix, is preparing an adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera , the classic by Gaston Leroux. According to Deadline, it should be a mini-series divided into six parts. The British branch of the hexagonal production company, which is in charge, chose to entrust the writing to Anthony Horowitz, author known for his thrillers and his adaptations of Agatha Christie on the screen.

'Narcos' Producer Gaumont Developing TV Adaptation Of 'The Phantom Of The Opera' https://t.co/Zz1DAtfNga pic.twitter.com/QmvxmKg4aJ

- Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) June 24, 2020

If Gaumont has not yet commented on the project, everything suggests that it will be a rather faithful adaptation of the 1910 novel, in the same spirit as that of Les Misérables produced by the BBC in 2018.


As a reminder, the framework of the Phantom of the Opera depicts a disfigured composer who lives in the basements of the Paris Opera before having a fatal passion for the singer Christine Daae.

This neo-Gothic tragedy has seen many adaptations, whether on screen, with a first silent film as early as 1925, or on the boards. The musical staged by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1986 is still a huge success. It was this latest version that inspired the 2004 film directed by Joel Schumacher, who died recently at the age of 80. A slew of adaptations that prove, more than a century away from the original work, that the Phantom of the Opera is a timeless story.


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