China Weather News today and tomorrow (28-29), the sky in Beijing has increased cloud cover and thunderstorms are frequent. Although there is no sunshine, the body feels sultry, reminding the public to go out and bring rain gear and pay attention to heatstroke.

  Yesterday, the weather in Beijing was mainly cloudy, with showers in the western and northern regions in the afternoon, and hail in the Ming Tombs area in Changping. Yesterday morning, the minimum temperature in Beijing was 22.8°C, and the temperature during the day rebounded, and the maximum temperature was 32.3°C. Due to the high relative humidity, it felt hot.

  Today and tomorrow, cloudy is still the main theme of the weather in Beijing, and thunderstorms will also happen unexpectedly. It is expected that Beijing will change from sunny to cloudy during the day (light fog in the morning and thunderstorms in the mountains in the afternoon), north to south winds 2 and 3, with a maximum temperature of 30°C; The minimum temperature is 22℃.

  Although there is no scorching sun, the clouds cannot dilute the sun's "enthusiasm." In general, the highest temperature in Beijing in the coming week is still steadily controlled by the prefix "3", the humidity increases, and the sense of sultry is obvious. The public still needs to prevent heatstroke to cool down.

  Experts reminded that the amount of cloud in the sky in Beijing is increasing day by day and tomorrow, and thunderstorms are frequent. Please bring rain gear when you go out. Try to avoid going to mountain areas and away from river courses and high-risk areas.